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From sunset to sunrise … In the shelter Conti

From sunset to sunrise … In the shelter Conti

Central Apuane, in one of the wildest and most rugged chain, crossed by the historic Via Vandelli, where the Refuge Conti,  as an eagle’s nest perched on a cliff, offering refreshments to the walkers and mountaineers in the summer winter.
The way Vandelli was built in 700 by Abbot Domenico Vandelli Engineer, at the behest of the Duke of Modena Francesco III d’Este, who dreamed of an outlet to the sea from its territories, was’ a workfor the time and unfortunately daring proved useless in its original purpose so that the abbot paid with his life.
The road was built on an old path used by shepherds that left up from Resceto to  Tambura Pass and then descend into the valley in Garfagnana Arnetola and then too, but the slope made ​​itunnecessary for the passage of carts with merchandise. Despitethe history, remains a work of remarkable ingenuity.

Mount Tambura (1890m) is one of the wildest of the Apuan chain,from its summit you can enjoy sweeping views of the remainingchain and the sea. The slope of a plateau karst Carcaraia is a popular destination for cavers in part because they are still to be explored.
As you can see Monte Tambura Pass the Focolaccia Aronte first camp with the camp of the Alpine chain and the disputed quarryFocolaccia.
At the shelter Conti (1492m) is reached only on foot (not less than 2 hours drive!) And supplied to “the back of a man” or by helicopter,its operators are distinguished for their hospitality, good food andjurisdiction despite the difficulties of management.
The refuge is the classic baby mountain hut with wooden structure,has 24 beds in the dormitory, bathroom but no shower and hot water, a terrace from which one can see the coast and the sea.
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