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Lucca, Garfagnana e le Alpi Apuane: hiking in 3 Parks

Lucca, Garfagnana e le Alpi Apuane: hiking in 3 Parks

Download programme in pdf and general information

This route goes through 3 different parks in the Northern Apennines of Tuscany by starting to arrive in the Apuan Alps, best known worldwide for their precious marble and the beauty of their landscapes, offering magnificent views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In autumn, the woods of amaranth and colorful traditional festivals and LUCCA GAMES COMIX and make this proposal attractive.

The Hike is a walk of about 50 km along the ridge from SE to NW, with some variations. Hike in the past offered walk in 6 days touring with a formula, but some of the structures that allowed an overnight stay at high altitude are closed during the week. For this reason, this program has been designed with all overnight stays in shelters and open with the availability of a co-worker who will support me with minibus transfers or with a Land Rover left at the beginning of the tracks daily.

The Garfagnana and the Apuan Alps are located in northern Tuscany and is a territory rich in history and nature with steep slopes and wild where the wildlife is punctuated by mining of marble quarries, we can visit the caves and through valleys and visit mountain pastures.

Weather Question: the climate is extremely humid as well as variable. If rain is expected, as a rule it is certain that it is necessary to protect themselves. The flexible approach of the program will adapt the best weather conditions for the possibility of “spiteful”.

Each day of the tour will feature tours of medium difficulty trekking-maximum uphill gradient around 500 actual time I walk between 2 and 8 hours.

Program guidelines:

Day 1  –       Meeting with the guide in Lucca / Castelnuovo Pradaccio before reaching the refuge which is 15 km from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, you can arrive with your own hand or directly from Modena Roots. Walk through the forests of beech, and before arriving at the refuge, you’ll see San Pellegrino in Alpe, the highest of the Apennines (1500 m) which houses a church and an old hospitable that now houses the museum of rural life. Mummies are preserved in the church of San Pellegrino and S. White, founders of the village of San Pellegrino and the Sanctuary boundary between the ancient states of Lucca and Modena. Dinner and overnight at the refuge distance 1500 m. T.4:00 h. 50 m altitude difference

Day 2 (29/30 October) – After breakfast we set off along the ridge trail. We will see the most beautiful and interesting places. We will walk along the ridge (about 2000 m). From Pradaccio through forests and grasslands at high altitudes will reach the Old and the Monte Prado. The view is magnificent: the coast from Liguria to Livorno and the distance din the islands as far as Corsica, the Alps to the north Battisti refuge for the night. Height difference 500 m.Tempo 6:00 h. An alternative is to climb the ridge of the Apennines and reach the Holy Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in these mountains. Transfer to Pradaccio. Dinner and Overnight. Difference in height. 400 m. Driving time 6:00 hr

Day 3 – Start early to Orecchiella, pastures of Campaiana stop for lunch. A transfer by Land Rover / bus will take us to of betting. Stop at the city of Corfino / Castiglione Garfagnana.Transfer for Tre Fiumi around 13.30. To get to the point follow the path n ° 128. To reach the PUNTATO for dinner and overnight. 500 m altitude difference Time 1.30 pm, overnight.

Day 4 – From the point you reach the village of Col di Favilla. Few families have lived here until the end of the war. We proceed to the Red Hut where we will stop for lunch, then continue, if the weather permits it will go up on the Pania della Croce (1859 m) towards the peak. The view from Pania della Croce is magnificent: the Tyrrhenian coast of Tuscany is visible interamene from Livorno to Liguria. Going down or going around the Pania reach the opposite side of Mosceta FOCE, the refuge of Freo. After an easy path to take us back to civilization.

• Dinner and overnight at the refuge / hostel / hotel or return to Home

• Difference in altitude 900 m Min3 max time 8:00 h

Paths proposed

The choice of routes will be graduated according to the daily weather conditions and times of the day. To these are added many other pathways described to be proposed as an alternative to those listed if the general conditions (physical conditions, or the participants) had to impose it.


NOTE: The program is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen

Recommended Equipment: Wear layered clothing with a waterproof jacket (k-way or Goretex jacket) with a cap or hat with flaps and hiking boots. In addition to the daily light backpack luggage left at the rooms, canteen, flashlight.

Individual participation fee 4 days: € 227.00 (min 8 pax) discount for friends

Detail of costs:

The shelter costs € 35 per half board (€ 20 € 15 bed and eat and sleep)

The guide costs € 150

The Transfer / Land Rover service costs € 90 to / day

The price includes:

– Accommodation in Shelter

– Half board from dinner to breakfast on the last day of the first

– Lunch-baskets

– GAME guide and transfer service

– Parent

– Insurance RCT

The fee does not include

The trip to / from the Garfagnana (you can try to arrange a trip in the company of other participants sharing the costs); minibuses (based on the number of participants will be chosen the least expensive option), entrance fees to museums, parks, etc. …; baskets room where otherwise noted, lunch on the first day of vacation and dinner on the last day, extras and anything not explicitly mentioned in the “price includes”.


Registration with deposit of € 150.00 – balance within 10 days prior to departure

(Requests for participation received after the closing date of entries will be evaluated and may be reserved by payment of the balance)

Minimum number of participants: 10 (in the presence of a smaller number of members the stay may be canceled)

Withdrawal penalties

The participant who withdraws from the contract prior to departure will be charged penalties listed below:

30 to 21 days before departure – 25% of the total;

20 to 11 days before departure – 50% of the total;

10 to 3 days before departure – 75% of the total;

Less than 3 days before departure – no refund

For total share is defined as the total share resulting from the contract duly signed.

How to make the fee payment

By agreement with the proposed travel – or by telephone with the contact person indicated at the bottom of the journey to the program.

Travel Regulation

The program may be subject to delays, variations and modifications due to adverse weather conditions, weather, local events and situations, however, is not attributable to the organization. In this case, any additional costs shall be borne by the participants. For all matters not expressly mentioned in this document, which in effect is not the technical description of the trip, worth the Regulation on the back of the contract for the package stipulates that the participant at the time of booking the trip.


All activities sponsored by Terredimare (hereafter TM) where expected use of the technical organization of travel agencies and tour operators enabled the realization of trips, vacations and trips. Therefore, any activity in promoting TM is responsible to design the living room so that it assumes the character of nature activities with a choice of facilities, trails and paths that can facilitate the observation of nature places travel destination. TM also has the task of providing their own GAME guide – assistant to travel with a wide experience on the destination of travel, accommodation or travel. For these reasons, our activities are distinguished sharply from the traditional tourist activities as serving a public lover of hiking and nature walks, and prefers to stay in a simple and informal structures, although with the guarantee of a good quality ‘ hotels, residences, apartment or any other structure choice.

Where you enter into a formal contract to purchase the tour package with travel agencies and tour operators that lists share purchase, regulation, mode of use of residence and insurance coverage, in full compliance with applicable laws of tourism. Each participant in the trip may require a copy of the contract and any other document pertaining to the trip. The fee is required by the contract of sale of the share package.

It ‘be responsible for the TM is responsible for collecting the fees to be paid to its participants, then the agency and tour operator organizing the tour. Therefore, no liability falls on TM technical organization of the trip except for the choice of routes and the work of Help-Assistant to the designated trip.

The guide service in itself does not include travel packages to travel from place of departure to and from the boarding pass any car / r on the ferry, all meals, extras and anything not specified above. The groups consist of up to 8 people.

The tour lasts for more than 24 hours, where you can spend the night in a shelter or hotel; The program adapts and modulates the participants’ needs and logistics routes and weather conditions.

Info and booking: Gabriele Tebano

Dr. Environmental Sciences , Guide , Technical Director of travel agency (LR 42/2000)

tel +39 0583570391 moby +39 3331640021


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