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PASSAGE TO THE EAST … APUAN Apennines (August 11 to 15)

PASSAGE TO THE EAST … APUAN Apennines (August 11 to 15)

11- 15 Agosto – Trekking low-cost €100,00

From the magical land of Lunigiana, through ancient paths that pass over the sharp Apuan Alps, reach in Garfagnana, San Pellegrino in Alpe, here at the Refuge Pradaccio toast the end of our trip and will be celebrating the Assumption Squinternauti along with a handful of unique characters … dissertations on great systems of life, meetings with intellectual depth of light but terribly misunderstood … and then drums and music and good wine … until dawn …!

“Che sono qui monti?” chiesi molto incuriosito, quasi impaurito. “Sono le Alpi Apuane”, mi fu spiegato. Ammirai a lungo lo spettacolo inconsueto che mi faceva pensare, non so perché, alla creazione del mondo: terre ancora da plasmare che emergevano da un vuoto sconfinato, color dell’incendio.

“What mountains are there?” I asked, very curious, almost frightened. “They are the Apuan Alps,” I was told. Long admired the unusual spectacle that made me think, I do not know why, the creation of the world: emerging land still to be shaped by a boundless void, the color of the fire.

(Fosco Maraini)

« Gli Appennini sono per me un pezzo meraviglioso del creato. Alla grande pianura della regione padana segue una catena di monti che si eleva dal basso, per chiudere verso sud il continente tra due mari. […] È un così bizzarro groviglio di pareti montuose, a ridosso l’una dell’altra,che spesso non si può nemmeno distinguere in che direzione scorre l’acqua. »

“The Apennines are for me a wonderful piece of creation. In the great plain of the Po Valley follows a chain of mountains which rises from below, close to the southern continent between two oceans. […] It’s such a bizarre maze of mountain walls, close to one another, which often can not even tell which way the water flows. »

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Viaggio in Italia)

download the detailed program on the website of Andrea Jacomelli:

passaggio ad est…dalle Apuane all’Appennino

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