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What you need to take part in an excursion. Useful suggestions: – you should adapt your equipment and clothing to the climate of your destination: if you go on an island you shouldn’t forget bathing costume and summer cream, if you go to the mountains, gloves, woollen hat and some sweaters; – you should always dress like a “onion”, that is with different layers, so that if it’s too hot you can undress, while if it’s cold you can put on something else. Put always in your rucksack a windcheater, in summer too, it could rain or be cold, especially in altitude; – don’t underestimate the comfortableness of the trekking shoes, in summer too, but learn to treat well your feet letting them breathe before, during and after the hike; – take only the water you need and something to eat, we’ll find the rest along the road; remember that the goodness of the excursionist can be seen also in the thrift of his rucksack: take only the essential, what doesn’t fit into the bag is not necessary; – remember to take any medicines you need, where we go usually there are not pharmacies. Inform your guide of any need you have before leaving; – adventurous spirit and adaptability are the consequences of your curiosity, and are fundamental to look deeply around you: be a little introspective; Tours by bike: If you have your own bike you can use it; it’s important that it fits with your size, being not too big nor too small. Tours where extra costs can be expected: – Ecological train – Ecological train + bike – Taxi service in Garfagnana – Snowshoe renting – Renting of a “barchino” (marshes boat) – Canoe renting – Tour on sailing boat (cooking supplies, room in the harbour, overnight stay in land; other possible extras);

  • All the activities promoted by (hereinafter TM) make use, where necessary, the technical organization of travel agencies [2] and tour operators enabled the realization of excursions, vacations and travel. Therefore in the promotion of any business deals TM to design the living room so that it assumes the character of naturalistic activities with a range of facilities, trails and paths that can facilitate birdwatching places destination of the trip. TM also has the task of providing its own guide GAE – assistant to travel with a wide experience on the destination of travel, stay or excursion. For these reasons, our business stand out clearly from the classic tourist activities as appeal to a public lover of trekking and nature walks, and he prefers to stay in informal structures and simple, yet still be confident of a good quality of ‘hotel, residence, apartment or any other property. The customer stipulates, for each activity, a regular contract to purchase the tour package with travel agencies and tour operators that shows the share purchase, the regulation, the mode of use of living and insurance coverage, in full compliance with laws on tourism. Each participant in the trip may require a copy of the contract and any other document relevant to the trip. The fee required by the contract constitutes the sales part of the package. And ‘TM delegated to the task of collecting the shares of its participants to be paid to the agency and then to the tour operator organizing the tour. Therefore does not fall any responsibility concerning the technical organization of the trip except for the choice of routes and the work of the Guide-Assistant to the intended voyage.
  • A.S.D. via vecchia di Vorno 3-55060 Badia di Cantignano, Capannori (LU) – P.IVA 02360380469
  • Gabriel Tebano (Environmental Guide) – Old street of Vorno, 3-55060 Capannori (LU) P.IVA 01985470465 – Skype Me! – tel. 0583570391 Fax 058394274 Cell. + 393331640021
  • [1] The costs and expenses referred to will be billed for VAT exemption with reference to Presidential Decree 633, October 26, 1972 art.10 The Service Guide is VAT exempt in reference dpr 633, October 26, 1972 article 10 14/22
  • [2] The cover sheet will be care of the travel agency and / or the tour operator with which you decide to book the trip, up to the time of booking the information contained in the document are purely indicative